Heritage Support

The St. Albert Historical Society has a long history of supporting the heritage efforts of other groups and organizations. Over the years the Society has contributed many thousands of dollars to history related projects of other organizations. Volunteer assistance has also been contributed.



St. Albert Public Library


Some years ago the St. Albert Public Library initiated a program of microfilming past issues of the St. Albert Gazette. This is a time consuming and rather costly endeavour; however, it is an effective means of preserving the historical record.­ The Historical Society provided modest grants to the Library over several years to assist in this undertaking.



Musée Héritage Museum


From the Museum’s formation in 1984 until 2000, when the AHF took over museum operations, the Musée Héritage Museum was administered on behalf of the City through a museum management board. During this period the Historical Society contributed two members to the management board. In addition, the Society contributed grants of varying amounts to the Museum for undertakings such as exhibits, heritage markers and publications.



Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert (AHF)


As it did for the Museum, the Historical Society provided members to serve on the AHF board in the early days of its existence. This arrangement ceased in 2003. In addition to this volunteer service, the Society provided a substantial grant to complete and furnish the program room and kitchen in the newly constructed replica St. Albert train station.The Society was an active participant in the process leading to the foundation of the AHF





For several years, the Historical Society made scholarships available to St. Albert high school graduates who studied history at the post-secondary level. This program has now been discontinued due to a lack of applications.



Requests for Support


The St. Albert Historical Society will entertain requests for support from persons or organizations for projects of historical merit to St. Albert and/or the surrounding area. For more information about support possibilities, please contact the Chair of the St. Albert Historical Society.