… and a Happy New Year

“Another big day was New Year’s.  People came all day long to wish the family a “Happy New Year.” No one went away without first sitting down at the big table for a meal of turkey, goose or chicken, with all the trimmings.” P.107


“Le Jour de l’an, New Year’s Day, was the time for exchanging gifts. After breakfast, everyone in the family would receive a gift which had been put in the tree. One year all the older children received shoes with skates. The younger girls would get dolls and clothes for the dolls. My smallest brother, Armand, received a rocker made of two wooden horses with a seat between the horses and painted harnesses.” P.182


“The first recorded messages were relayed on January 3, 1885, and were of a rather ceremonial nature, as befitted the inauguration of the first telephone line in Alberta. Alex Taylor announced, on behalf of Edmontonians that ‘We wish you a Happy New Year.’  From St. Albert, Narcisse St. Jean replied that ‘The people of St. Albert congratulate the people of Edmonton on telephone communications being established between the two places and wish the clergy and people a Happy New Year.’”


Reference:The Black Robe’s Vision. Volume 1, 1985

St. Albert Historical Society, Arlene Borgstede, Editor


Reprinted from The Echoes, Vol. XXVI, No. 3, December, 2008; St. Albert Historical Society