A Bridge Over Time

The Continuing Story of St. Albert is a publication recapping the original St. Albert History as told in Black Robe’s Vision published 30 years ago as well as updates to present day St. Albert.

St. Albert’s newest comprehensive history book traces the development of the community from its earliest days through to 2017. Intended to be a “one stop shopping” source for information on St. Albert history, A Bridge Over Time contains over 700 pages of historical information and photographs on the development of the community and community life over the past one and half centuries. Whether one is searching for historical information on local government, health, education, churches, social life or commercial development through the years, A Bridge Over Time is the source to consult. The publication contains a comprehensive index and an appendix of handy facts.

To purchase a copy of the book, please visit the Musée Héritage Museum Gift Shop in St. Albert.